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Why is Bakuchiol icon shaped like a spring?

Tell More about Icons

By Wishtrend’s icons are our way of expressing
each product’s
unique features and functions. Not only they help you understand the products easier but also convey
our mission to embrace diversity. Take a look, and dive into the world of our
FUNctional icons.

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[ Bakuchiol ]

Bakuchiol’s spring shaped icon is ready to bounce back your skin to its smoothest, bounciest, healthiest state. It represents our Bakuchiol line’s ability to take care of the skin’s texture, pores and elasticity, making it more youthful than ever.

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[ UV Defense ]

The ring around sparkling light expresses the UV Defense Moist Cream’s ability to fully protect your skin from UV rays, infrared radiation and blue light. It will help you safely enjoy the sunshine in all your daily activities and adventures.

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[ Propolis ]

Look at her, she’s a star! This Propolis icon is full of nature driven energy, bringing vitality and glow to your skin. The Propolis Essence, Ampoule and Cream will each fill up the skin with boosting, calming and balancing energy, making your skin radiate with healthy glow.

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[ Green Tea & Enzyme ]

The infinite loop that also looks like two droplets expresses the skin’s healthy reset through proper cleansing. Green Tea & Enzyme line’s two type cleansers will help you wash away dirt deep within pores, gently exfoliate and refresh your skin.

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[ Aloe ]

It’s not a water angel, but it will help the skin’s water retention through layered moisturization. The light yet refreshing Blue Oasis Aloe Hydrating Serum will keep your skin calm and hydrated.

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